Job 28-30; Galatians 3

Job 28:20-23, 28

As for wisdom, where does she come from?

Where is the place of understanding?

She is hidden from the eyes of every living thing; even from the birds of the air she is concealed.

Abaddon and Death say, “Only by rumor have we heard of her.”

But God understands the way to her;  it is he who knows her place.

And to mortals he said: See: the fear of the Lord is wisdom; and avoiding evil is understanding.

Is it just me or is the world in a whirl of mad confusion?  Job complains of the inaccessibility of true wisdom in the world, but claims it is only found in God.  I got a haircut this morning, and picked up an AARP magazine while waiting, and was attracted to an interview with Helen Mirren, the celebrated British actress.  I’ve admired much of her work, like in “The Queen”, and from the article it seems like she is a genuinely nice, fulfilled, happy person.  But she made a statement “I have no religion.  If I have a soul it has nothing to do with God or religion, but is the spiritual part of my imagination.  The theater and acting is my religion.”  She’s been married to American director Taylor Hackford since 1997, and they have no children.  Then I came home and watched an episode of “Battle Ready” on EWTN, which emphasized the importance of prayer.  “Prayer is the water of the soul” a priest of the Omaha diocese said, “Without it the soul withers and ultimately dies of dehydration.”  Who is echoing true wisdom?  I’m going with the priest.

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