Psalm 26-28; Philippians 4

Psalms 28:3-4

Do not drag me off with the wicked,

with those who do wrong,

Who speak peace to their neighbors

though evil is in their hearts.

Repay them for their deeds,

for the evil that they do.

For the work of their hands repay them;

give them what they deserve.

Common theme with the Psalms attributed to David: he prays for God’s protection and solace, while praying for God to put the hammer down on David’s enemies.  First thought: this is why you don’t pluck specific verses out the Bible and hold them up like Kathy Griffin holding Donald Trump’s severed head.  This is a “new atheist” favorite thing to do: I once heard Bill Maher casting aspersions on religious faith citing the Israelites stoning a man to death for gathering wood on the Sabbath.  “Why don’t we follow that verse of the Bible?” he asked, smirking. This is also a Protestant favorite thing to do when going mano a mano with Catholics.  Unfortunately most Catholics bring a knife to a gunfight when it comes to Scripture…but I digress.  The point is Scripture needs to be viewed as a totality, with salvation history as a pilgrimage with God revealing Himself over time; e.g. your parents didn’t tell you about the birds and the bees when you were three years-old.  They revealed things to you when they thought you were ready for it (we are not counting that traumatic time you opened their bedroom door unannounced…sorry to bring that up).  The second thought is this is why Jesus brought a new covenant, one that was so revolutionary: “Who is my neighbor?” Certainly not that scraggly Samaritan over there? Or Zaccheus, that sawed-off, grasping traitor over here?”  “On the contrary,” said our Lord “Everyone is your neighbor.”  “Wow, that’s some crazy stuff Rabbi, I’m going to have to chew on that one over some camel beer.”  And I admit I can find that challenging, especially every time I read something about ISIS.  Oh well, like almost all of us, I’m a work in progress.

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One Comment on “Psalm 26-28; Philippians 4”

  1. Stan Sikorski Says:

    Well-written. How are you coming along?


    P.S. How’s Chris doing?

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