Psalms 41-44; Thessalonians 1

Psalm 41:6-11

My enemies say bad things against me: ‘When will he die and his name be forgotten?’

When someone comes to visit me, he speaks without sincerity.

His heart stores up malice; when he leaves, he gossips.

All those who hate me whisper together against me;

they imagine the worst about me:

He has had ruin poured over him; that one lying down will never rise again.’

Even my trusted friend, who ate my bread, has raised his heel against me.

 “But you, LORD, take note of me to raise me up that I may repay them.”

Psalm 41 is a prayer in a time of illness.  It made me think back to my reflection on Psalm 28.  But what jumped out at me here is verse 11:  David wants to take things a step more “Old Testament”.  He’s not asking for the Lord to repay his enemies, he’s praying for recovery so he himself could dish out repayment.  And these men he wants to “repay” haven’t it seemed done anything other than send out some edgy tweets about him.  Maybe King David went a little Trump in his old age (Alt Right, I tease, I joke.)

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